Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Gifts! Gifts! Gifts!

What? Valentine's Day? We didn't bring it up, but now you mention it we've got loads of stuff for the object of your affections. Pip & Pantalaimon pants in an exuberant array of patterns and prints, guaranteed to please everyone (everyone!);  Alice Shields ceramic cuff links to keep your better half looking sharper than a - sharper than someone who doesn't wear cuff links; brand new card designs from Creepy Tree and Dear Prudence, as well as some delightful paper cut out packs from Beetle Cherry - perfect for a rainy day in. If you're not doing other things...

...And for those with the larger pockets, there's pearls. For those who left their wallet in their other trousers, there's pictures of other girls wearing pearls. Don't let lack of a beau hold you back - ALL these items work equally well as gifts to yourself. Cards - except the cards. Pearls - definitely the pearls. 

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