Friday, 21 February 2014

Hello Playground my old friend

It's been a while since Playground has been let loose in the Gallery, but we are very happy to say that they are moving down in the world and are back from the Loft, to their rightful home. A shift in space and in time, so update your diaries: Playground is now on the last Tuesday of every month, in the Gallery (in case you hadn't got that); like sticks in the mud, everything kicks off as of old at 7.

25 February 2014

2014s season starts with Aya Kasai of the Contemporary Arts Research Unit, who will be telling all on what the Contemporary Arts Research Unit is; followed by Emma Moxey - who's exhibition All the Familiar Landmarks we will be sitting in - with a workshop drawn out from her paintings; and rounded off by Nick Meakins, with a tour through his portfolio and a look at some works in progress. 

For full details on next week's event, and for information on how to bag a slot for yourself, visit the Playground blog

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