Saturday, 25 January 2014

The fineries of plywood, and other fascinating topics

 Artist Jack Eden joined us in conversation this afternoon, and talked us through his favourite woods, the perils of concrete, two dimensional things as three dimensional things, and ways of showing empty space.

He and Cath Watson discussed Axis by way of other Eden works, such as Imperfection Perfected (which was on display here during Playground On Fire last year) and BIPM, looking at repeated aspects such as the precision of measuring and the behaviour of materials and how these aspects work together; sculpture that allows you to "see the room in it", making three dimensional drawings and how to accentuate empty space without leaving it actually empty.

A big thank you to Jack, and all those who joined us and took part, especially Micaela from the Knowledge Project who took the very important role of Slideshow Chief. 

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