Saturday, 18 January 2014

Axis is up and open

The opening of Jack Eden's Axis drew a good crowd last night despite the January's grey outside. As crisp and fine as a mitred edge, the two partner sculptures 'x Axis' and 'y Axis' describe the height and width of the gallery,  serving as reference points from which to understand the surrounding space.

'x Axis', led in the centre of the gallery, would reach to the gallery ceiling if lifted up. Its width is exactly that of an adjacent wall; its volume identical to the 'y Axis' . The pieces work in relation to each other, with the obelisk like 'y Axis'  able to touch the ceiling if sat on top of its prostrate partner 'x Axis'. Like a very precise, if limited, game of tetris, the two are easily imagined moving, to perfectly slot together.

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