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Jewellery Showcase - Sanni Falkenberg

Sanni’s life-long passion for rocks and crystals started as a little girl with an innocent collection of stones and minerals. This grew into a passionate fascination, and she feels incredibly awed that she is working with materials formed hundreds of millions of years ago.
From her childhood, the long dark winters of her homeland offered Sanni an unparalleled view of the night sky, galaxies and the amazing Aurora Borealis. These observations led to questions and a fascination that inspired dreams and visions. Sanni’s unique imagination would take her through the galaxies, nebulae and stardust, to far, far away solar systems. There she can find her inspiration and return to express these into cosmic jewellery.

We asked her a few questions...

Okay, let’s start with an introduction…tell us something interesting about yourself and give us the quick lowdown on the Jewellery you make.
I work on by cutting and grinding rocks and crystals into jewellery. I’ve always been fascinated by stones, and I have a lovely collection of crystals I started as a little girl. For me, the glimmer and raw sparkle naturally found in stone are so beautiful that I use them as my main material rather than cut, faceted stones.

Can you tell us about your design process? Does it start with an idea, a vision, a material…?
My design process is led by the raw material. It’s like having a dialogue with the stone. I begin with an idea of the piece that I want to create. Then, I source the stone I need to realise it. Because every stone is different, I can never re-create an exact copy. The features of the stone become the features of the finished piece of jewellery. Sometimes there are impurities within the stone, which must be carved out. All these little things will affect the final piece, so I can never be 100% sure what the final result will be when I begin working. It is challenging but also exciting way to work!

Can you remember the first piece you ever designed?
The first ever piece that I have designed must have been something out of plasticine! Already as a child, loved to create things in 3D, things that I could touch and feel the material.

What objects, people, places or spaces influence and inspire you?
I am inspired by the starry night skies, Aurora Borealis and all the beautiful views of space. Growing up in Finland I often saw the Northern Lights and skies covered with stars on a cold and crisp winter’s night. I find them extremely fascinating, I could spend hours just staring at the sky if it wasn’t so cold! I see similarities between the sparkling stars and glimmering druzy crystals.

Your designs are bold, standout pieces, does this reflect your personal style?
Personally I love my jewellery big! However, I try to make smaller pieces too, because not everyone thinks this way. I think I have a sense of drama, my personal style is bit show-off and I like sparkling things. I love costumes and dressing up!

What do you do when you’re not making jewellery? Or is it a full-time job?
When I’m not making jewellery I try to be active, walk my dog and exercise a bit. Hunching over a carving wheel all day can be really bad for your physique if you don’t take a good care of yourself! I also like visiting galleries and exhibitions to see things and get inspired. Sometimes a visit to an aquarium or a natural history museum is a great change and can be really stimulating.

What’s the single best piece of advice you can give to someone starting out in Jewellery Design?
Perseverance! Do your thing and believe in yourself, because if you don’t, no one else will either. And work really, really hard.

Here's a little look at just some of the pieces we will be showing in the Jewellery Showcase this week.
If that's whetted your appetite come and join us on the opening night (Thursday 5th December from 5.30 - 8pm) and all throughout December.

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