Thursday, 27 August 2015

Introducing: Bunny Bosworth

One of the most exciting parts of working at Shop at the Old Fire Station is receiving a submission from a maker whose work you love. Now I'm rather a sucker for jewellery in general, but this work really stood out to me. Regular customers will know that our range of jewellery is quite extensive, with lots of acrylic pieces and quite a lot of wood based work. However, we don't have much that is made from fabric...

Reef Knot Necklace £26

Reef Knot Cuff Bracelet £16

Eight Knot Necklace £22

Reef Knot Necklace £26

Eight Knot Bracelet £14.50

Hoop Drop Earrings £9

Bunny Bosworth (real name Natalie) uses cotton cord which she then covers by hand in a range of Liberty's iconic Tana Lawn fabrics. The cord is then knotted into sailor's knots such as the Reef Knot and Eight Knot, and finished with metal clamp fasteners which contain the frayed ends and provide a fastening. 

I love the combination of feminine floral prints with something unexpected, such as a practical knot used by sailors and rock-climbers. They're incredibly comfortable to wear, with the cotton cord providing a softer feel than regular necklace chains. I'm also particularly fond of the multicoloured 'Milla' print, which I think looks reassuringly retro but also quite modern. And how could you resist those gorgeous colours?

These are the spring/summer range but I think they would work just as well to brighten up the somewhat autumnal dreary weather we've been having lately! I'm sure we will be getting a delivery in time for Christmas with some more cold weather colour options, so keep an eye out for those too.

Natalie has a blog where she documents her making (she also designs and makes theatre costumes) so head over there for some more info about her designs and inspiration. 

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