Thursday, 9 July 2015

This Week: New Systems and a New Show

Last week was something of a challenging one here at Shop at the Old Fire Station... as well as installing our new Rycotewood Gallery exhibition, we had a complete overhaul in the Shop with a new stock and till system!

A real insight into the world of independent businesses (and general creative jobs) ... a lot of the time your job is really fun, but sometimes, it involves coming in on a Sunday to get started on filling out web forms. A team of us diligently got to work, repricing all of our stock and entering it onto our new Shop system, Vend.

Four days (and many a stressed call to IT) later, we have this lovely new set-up! I'm particularly fond of our new personalised receipts- I'm well chuffed to see our logo on the top.

Up until this point, we had been using a rather clunky system which involved using 3 different methods of recording our sales. Now, everything is combined in one programme, which not only makes selling much easier, but should also free up lots of our staff time to do more of the fun stuff, like sourcing new makers, hanging out on social media and organising exciting events. We've still got a bit of a backlog of stock to get onto the system, but already it is making our lives much simpler.

Our Gallery space is also looking rather new and shiny with our latest exhibition from local furniture centre Rycotewood. There's all kinds of gorgeous furniture, beautifully designed and executed to the highest standard.

Jan Waterston

Avian Evans-White

Oscar Winter

We've also got some great work for sale in the Shop to accompany the exhibition- not quite so fancy, but lovely everyday items for your home.

Adam Mayes Pallet Trivet £17.50

Saul Boydell Coats & Keys Peg Rack £20

Chris Maffey Beech Chopping Board with Painted Edge £20
Ruth Broadway Hand Screen Printed Tea Towel £11

Roger Wilson Ash Stool £32

The exhibition runs until the 8th August, and we've got a Meet the Maker event on this Saturday from 1pm - 3pm with course leader Joseph Bray, where you can make your own simple coat peg. 

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