Sunday, 7 September 2014


Like Mr and Mrs Twit we're turning everything upside down: the shop is going downstairs to the gallery and the gallery is coming upstairs to the shop! As we are writing this we're up to our eyeballs in paint and are breathing in enough dust to keep us in respiratory problems for the foreseeable.

We're rolling back the stone on the 12th September from 10 - 6 for a press viewing, but our doors are also open to everyone else who isn't in possession of a press badge... So for our stalwarts and for the plain sneaky, come and get a first look in (and maybe even purchase some of your favourite UK based crafters and grafters wares) ahead of our *official* opening on the 13th. Our first exhibition in the new, super fresh and BIG gallery space is Mark Laita's and Yann Layma's exhibition as part Photography Oxford Festival ’14: three solid weeks of some incredible, face melting, tear jerking and all round *golden* exhibitions, talks and events celebrating photography from across the world. 

...but don't get too comfortable in the new configuration though friends: there's plenty in the pipeline for the shop and the gallery, making them much more flexible and active spaces. So keep those peepers peeped for workshops, talks and events in the coming months. 

You don't need to say it. We know. It's been long. But we're almost there. 

*no birds we're glued to rooftops during the renovation*

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