Friday, 15 August 2014

Making Tracks exhibition by Junction 40

Junction 40 is a collective of people who have experienced homelessness and who now take part  in arts activities run by Crisis Skylight Oxford. Making Tracks is a collaborative exhibition created by these people, which explores the concept of emotional and physical journeys. The exhibited works  express the ideas of destination, transformation, meetings and reconstruction. 

The installation was borne out of a course called 'All About Exhibiting' which was an opportunity for Crisis clients to learn the processes used to conceive, create and exhibit new and exciting artworks. The course was facilitated by Lucy and Emma, both practicing artists and Art Tutors at Crisis. 

The name 'Junction 40' evolved with the group, and symbolises the junction many clients feel they are at in there lives when they arrive at this building (40 George Street).

22 artists are exhibiting in Making Tracks each with their own experiences of homelessness: the causes of which can be both broad, shared by others, but is always personal.  A home is one of the most basic things we have (or have want of); it is, or should be a place of shelter, something consistent. It is a simple and universal need, and one of the most private things we have. 

Making Tracks charts so many different artists' experiences of a sprawling subject; yet as an installation it pulls together as one thing, with one piece sometimes running into the next, weaving around the gallery, with work displayed from the floor and tracing up almost to its full height; soft, comforting colours that thread pieces together. 

The artists that were involved throughout the process of developing and making the exhibit are:
Marianne; Dom; Jules; Sarah; Liz; Ada; Lucy; Miranda; Jenny; Chris; Simon; Nik; Emma; James; Mel; Helen; Janet; Jack; Catherine; Chris; Chris; and Cody.

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