Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Introducing Vaux St, Muck & Brass and Frilly Industries

Searching for new makers is one of the highlights of my job. I'm always looking for more people to add to our shop who are doing something fresh, exciting and different. I'm also personally a complete magpie for anything jewellery, so finding new jewellery designers is always my favourite!

Over the last few weeks I have had deliveries from some very exciting new stockists, all of whom haven't sold their work in a shop before, which makes it all the more rewarding.

Necklaces handmade by Vaux St in her East London studio.

Handmade polymer clay necklace.

Handmade polymer clay necklace.

Vaux St Square Tiles Necklace and Geometric Beaded Necklace, both £20

Vaux St is a jewellery brand run by Ray from her studio in East London. Her designs are modern, fun and bring a smile to your face, with her signature gorgeous colour combinations and jazzy patterns. All pieces are handcrafted by Ray using polymer clay, meaning each piece is one-of-a-kind. The polymer clay is also very light, making these necklaces very comfortable to wear. Every time I look at these necklaces I'm reminded of pick n mix sweets, hence the props in the photo! 

A display of Muck & Brass handcrafted resin and floral pendant necklaces.

A close up detail picture of a Muck & Brass handcrafted necklace.

Muck & Brass Drop, Spherical and Cone Pendant Necklace, all £28.50

When I received an email from local lady Mary telling me about her new jewellery business, I jumped at the chance to stock her work in our shop. Mary started Muck & Brass in January as a career change to allow her to be more creative and spend time with her family. She collects flowers and plants from the local Oxfordshire countryside and then encases them in resin to create her designs. She also uses sterling silver for all her chains and findings, meaning you have a quality piece which will stand the test of time. 

The jewellery comes beautifully packaged with info about the Victorian flower language symbolism of the flowers used- perfect as a present for a loved one.

A close up detail of Frilly Industries ball of yarn earrings.

A picture of handmade wooden jewellery.

Frilly Industries Tools of Mass Creation Scissor Necklace, £20 | Frilly Industries Baby Balls of Yarn Wooden Stud Earrings, £17.50 | Frilly Industries Big Ball of Yarn Engraved Wooden Brooch, £12

Frilly Industries are a design duo from Birmingham who have been working in the arts sector for 20 years. Their other business We Are Frilly is all about participatory arts practice and evaluation, but Adrienne and Kirsty fancied another outlet for their creativity, and so Frilly Industries was born. 

Their jewellery is etched and cut in house using their own laser-cutter, who they have affectionately nick-named Bertha after a childhood favourite TV show. Collections range from personalised medals, coffee cups with witty slogans, crafty tools, famous film stars... There's quite a lot of laser cut jewellery out there on the market but I love how Adrienne and Kirsty have used the technique to add lots of detail and texture to their designs. I also love how they use colour- each of the yarn ball designs is made from a randomly painted sheet of ply, before the design is engraved and cut, meaning each piece is unique.

So, that's a little intro to the latest additions to the Shop at the Old Fire Station team. If you'd like to find out more about these great brands, please check out their Instagrams (linked above) for more behind-the-scenes pics and general awesomeness, or come in to see us and have a look at the jewellery in person!

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