Thursday, 10 December 2015

Christmas Making Space: Miesje Chafer

So, after a crazy install week which involved much painting, constructing, typing and all round business, Christmas Making Space is now open! Due to aforementioned craziness, plus a day off unwell, I am a little late on profiling our last exhibitor Miesje Chafer... but here we finally are!

Miesje is a textile designer-maker now based in Portsmouth (she lived in Oxford until a few months ago). She creates distinctive printed textiles, using a bold colour palette incorporating plenty of neon and primary colours. Her unique prints are inspired by a love of origami, geometry and designs of the 1950's and 60's. She combines her own printed fabric with others such as wool and leather to produce a range of accessories and homewares.

(images by Miesje Chafer and Arts at the Old Fire Station)

Miesje creates her fabric with screen printing, a popular technique for transferring designs to fabric and all sorts of other items. The basic process involves passing ink through a screen onto the fabric, the screen being transparent in the areas of the design. Megan Alice England has a fantastic video which shows this much better than I can explain it!

We love Miesje's work here at the Old Fire Station because not only it is fun, unique and colourful, it is also extremely well made with great attention to detail. I once thought that Miesje's cushions were completely stitched together because her zip was so well inserted into the seam... She is always coming up with new designs, new colourways and new products- keep on eye on her Instagram for the latest updates.

Miesje will be doing a workshop with us on the last Saturday before Christmas, 19th December, where she will be teaching you how to make your own origami Christmas decorations. So if you need last minute gifts and haven't yet seen our exhibition, come along and get making, exploring and buying!

PS Christmas Making Space got a feature in the Oxford Times last week- have a read if you want to find out more and also see a rather amusing photo of myself in a Christmas hat posing with some baubles...

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