Friday, 13 June 2014


Playground has been taking place near on every month for over a year in the Old Fire Station, and has bought a whole host of projects and ideas, in the nascent or fully realised stage, to the light of day; to new audiences; for feedback; for reflection; in sickness and in health.

For those uninitiated, Playground is an artist led platform for the sharing of and experimenting with new ideas, the dusting off of old ones; for finding collaborators; learning skills and sharing skills. 

Playground takes place every fourth Tuesday of the month in the gallery at the Old Fire Station, with 3 fifteen minute slots available for artists of each and every discipline (and any combinations therein). Each event takes the same format, with a choice of categories under which to pull the threads of your thoughts, including: Uncooked (for works in progress, the half realised, not-quite); Slightly Burnt (for the overworked, slightly crusty); Chemical Reaction (for when seeking people with the Knowledge); Things I Sort of Know (for (humble) sharing of your work / research); and Share My Toys (for workshops, games and *things*). 

Last year Playground broke out of it's tried and tested format to take over near enough the entire Old Fire Station building with Playground 'On Fire': 8 straight hours of the products of Playground. Over 30 artists who used Playground over the preceding 12 months exhibited / performed in most all corners of the building, with work spanning sonic art to drawing, Butoh to sculpture. 

With another 'On Fire' in the pipeline to showcase work as it has grown out from it's 15 minute kernel, Playground can help you to help yourself to help Playground put on (another) marathon of Oxford's finest, for city to see. 

If you've an idea that won't relent, the need of some opinions that aren't just your own then Playground can provide. You can get in touch through the website to ask some of your very own questions, or to bag a slot. 

... and if you'd like to do a recce the next event is the 24th June, at 7pm in the Gallery

what's more it's FREE leaving you if not rich in pocket rich in ideas (which *may* be redeemable for money).

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