Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The week that was...

More exhibitions than you can shake a stick at! And it's over. Stop shaking sticks, it's pointless, and have a look at these photos of the final exhibition of Makers' Month: 2D; the painting week.

Blocky, beautiful and dense, but not solid; Oxford's own Alicia Tennant and Isadora Reeves (clockwise: Alicia Tennant: Child; Isadora Reeves: Ochre and Black; Green and Black; Brown and Black; Green).

Look to the left and go from dark to light, with Tennant's Yard - another enclosure that doesn't enclose, (as in Child); to a different kind of layering in Chloe le Tessir's paintings of flat, closed, and unopenable, doors (anticlockwise: Cupboard Room; Purple Door; Wooden Door); doored walls that have all the appearance of being untouchable, looking for all the world as though we can only pass infront of them and could not reach into.

Definitively placed doors and structures that touch the ground, and let us know where the land lies; and that seem not so certainly anchored, no discernible difference between ground and sky; with 'sky' that punctures the 'ground' - or do both, at once. 

The paint, the paint: delicate, thick, intricately worked up and orchestrated, rushed on in one movement (Isadora Reeves, titles as above; Jaya Mansberger (clockwise): The Sigh of the Sky; Apogee).

Such tasty pieces to culminate Makers' Month with, each with their own particulars, their own way of making a canvas deeper (or flatter even), bigger, of pulling out dimensions where none are to be found.

Building worlds flat, and torrid, out in space and on the sofa each painterly in their own peculiar way; all replete with the delights of making, the many, many possibilities offered by a flat surface. 

A very big thank you to all who took part in Makers' Month: 2D, as an exhibiting artist, workshop leader or participant.


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