Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Makers' Month:2D Opens

Kristin Bjornerud, from the series When You Were Wild, 2014

Our long awaited month sojourn in flat land has begun... Makers' Month: 2D opened on Friday night, to a lively and good looking crowd. To welcome in a lively month of workshops, talks and events (see here for the full, eye watering programme), everyone's favourite collagist Sebastian Thomas ran his (now classic) collage workshop (first seen at Playground On Fire), with a pile of paper so deliciously mountainous ready and waiting to be cut and stuck, and Jason Kerley and Catherine Watson making a layered drawing on the window and the back wall, centred around two circles that fall in and out of sync as you walk across Gloucester Green.


...not to mention the main contender: the opening of the Drawing exhibition, that runs until the 12th. Featuring work by Charlotte Turner, Kate Hazell, Ellis Meade, Lawrence Cornes, Robert Maple, Jason Kerley and Catherine Watson.

The drawings span delicate, precision marks to dark, inky gestures: with millimetre-fine architectural style drawings from Ellis Meade, and a rough, sparse landscape from Charlotte Turner; some delightful subterranean strangeness from Kate Hazell, sitting nicely next to the harsh fineness of Catherine Watson's line-based images; to the softness of Kristin Bjornerud's folkloric figures.

The exhibition continues in the shop, with a full much different to that of the gallery: all blocks and lines from Lawrence Cornes and Robert Maple - with an explosion of *things* out from a horizon line, and a pool within a pool within a pool respectively.

Also in the shop are the drawings from the pilot session of the Pitt Rivers Drawing Group - six weekly sessions in the museum after hours, with selected artifacts out of the cases, The pilot session was centred around objects from the Founding Collection, and included things as wonderfully varied as ceramic cats and blowerfish helmets. Featuring drawings from Laura Knowles, Peta Goodman, Laura Hodson, Yi Wu, Alex Corbett and Antonia Russell Clark.

All of the exhibited works are dense and detailed in their own particular way, and all call for a good beady stare.

C-c-c-changes next week, with exhibition #2 of Makers' Month, which will see some tasty prints filling the gallery, culminating in Press Up, the Conjunction Zine run zine fair. Which all means you've a matter of days to feast your eyes on this wonderful lot.

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