Thursday, 5 December 2013

Jewellery Showcase - Grace Hamilton

Grace Hamilton is a British Jewellery designer and maker based in London, Originally from Northern Ireland. Grace has always had a passion for textiles and completed her BA Embroidery at Manchester school of Art in 2010. This is where Grace developed the technique used in her unique Jewellery pieces. Grace’s statement Neckpieces are created using a combination of textile techniques, including crochet, knotting and embroidery. Each piece uses hundreds of metres of dyed yarns, with the most complex piece taking up to 40 hours to create.

Grace’s passion lies in utilizing these traditional textile skills, transforming them and showcasing them as something innovative and unique. They are wearable sculptures that can be enjoyed both on and off the body.

These statement pieces are inspired by a mix of natural forms, sculpture, fashion and travel. Grace remains thoroughly influenced by her time spent in Tanzania, East Africa where She worked alongside a Woman’s Co-op group that created handcrafted objects. Inspired by their resourcefulness and spirit, captivated by Africa’s rich culture and traditions, mesmerized by their use of colour and pattern and drawn to their beautiful design and architecture. For Grace use of colour is one of the most important components in her work, She  feels that she owes her appreciation and sense of colour to her experiences travelling.

Grace strives to create beautiful statement pieces of Jewellery that are tactile yet sophisticated, simplistic yet visionary and above all else easy to wear.

Dazzle // Oxo Tower // London
SIERAAD International Jewellery Art Fair // Westergasfabriek // Amsterdam
New Talent 2013 // Lesley Craze Gallery  // London
Selfridge’s ‘Bright Young Things’ // Selfridges // London
One Year On @ New Designers // Business Design Centre // London
Textile Charme // NDF Bijoux Atelier // Verona, Italy

CACHE (An exhibition of pioneers in contemporary Jewellery) // Rene Walrus // Edinburgh
Treasure // Somerset House // London

LACI (Lancashire Arts and Crafts Initiative) // Chapel Gallery // Omskirk, Lancashire
LACI (Lancashire Arts and Crafts Initiative) //  Rossendale Museum // Rossendale, Lancashire

Knitted Textiles Awards // Knitting and stitching Show // Harrogate
Great Northern Graduate Showcase // Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair // Manchester
Knitted Textiles Awards // Knitting and stitching Show // London
Departure // Kraac Gallery // Manchester
Embroidery Degree Show // Manchester School of Art // Manchester
‘Suffrogettes to Supermodels’ // Manchester Gallery of Costume // Manchester 

Here's a little look at just some of the pieces we will be showing in the Jewellery Showcase tonight.
If that's whetted your appetite come and join us on the opening night (Thursday 5th December from 5.30 - 8pm) and all throughout December.

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