Saturday, 30 November 2013

winter blues (and red, and yellows, and greens...)

We opened a box of Made by Loulabelle's latest this morning, and one glance was enough to blast away all cold based ailments. Here's a little peep:

 Some more old favourites from Loulabelle, with the Connie Curved zip purse, and the Betsy Bow hair clip, and some brand new versions of old classics.... We have fold over metal frame clutch bags,, with different fabrics outside and in (if bored, they also double as a giant's purse); and fold over leather and fabric bags - with a tassel. Mmm mmm!

And if that just isn't enough for you fabric fiends we still have a few of the smaller clutch bags, with black resin and metal clasp.

So bright, so flowery, so good.

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