Saturday, 19 October 2013

it might be colder, but's it not so bad...

Yes, let's face it, winter is on it's way... but let's not mourn for warmer times, and instead get some toasty woollens. We've got more than our fair share in the shop, so come and take some off our hands... we have chunky snoods from Sophie Housely, big ole scarves from Laura Bragg...

...and from Tiny Stitches too.

Handwarmers from Rose Sharp Jones...and some old favourites from A. Alicia...

...and Rose Sharp Jones (you may remember her from earlier). Cosy!
(We also have a lovely range of knitted jewellery, 'Knitted and Knotted' from Stuffed Nonsense.)

And I'm not saying *christmas*, but we have a nice selection of winter based cards.

Remember: it is definitely not too early for mulled wine.

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