Saturday, 19 October 2013

Last chance to see Women at the HeArt exhibition!

Women at the HeArt, the current exhibition in the gallery at the Old Fire Station opened with a packed private view, and if the comments in the visitors book are anything to go by (-which they are!) it has been much enjoyed. The Women at the HeArt project was run upstairs in the Crisis art room, with the aim of providing a free and welcoming little window of time to do something creative.

The participants, in their own words:
"I've4 got so much going on in my life at the moment - it's good not to think about things for a while and do something creative."

"I felt proud that I performed in front of a group, there was no pressure and it made me feel that I didn't need to hide away - like I usually do."

"I feel honoured to have this opportunity to work with different types of people and to experience their skills and have their encouragement. It's been amazing. It's not like other people we come across which doesn't mean anything - these people who have come in really mean it, they are genuine."

"We are all at different stages and I appreciate that."

"I liked that we could ask for what we did in sessions - it made me feel respected."

"I've not made anything I've been pleased with before."

The project was run by the Thames Valley Partnership, and artists Dionne Freeman, Christine Wilkinson, Carla Conte, Emmy O'Shaughnessy and Maria Trevis-Hackemann.

The exhibition closes on the 25th.

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