Tuesday, 25 June 2013

*** Online Shop Launch ***

Last Friday we celebrated the official launch of our new online shop (have a look if you haven't already) and had a big old party!

If you missed it, you missed out big time as we had some amazing treats on the night....

Yummy things were provided by the super talented Becky Craven of Becky's Kitchen (like her on Facebook and find out what she's up to here or follow her tweets here)

She made some absolutely incredible old fashioned sweets and biscuits (we LOOOVE sugar) including handmade pouches of mouthwateringly sour sherbet, soft and squishy rose & vanilla marshmallows, raspberry meringues in miniature size and jammy dodgers spelling out the word 'shop' in sticky raspberry jam.

Not only did it all taste delicious, it looked beautiful too as Becky had carefully designed it all to fit in with the look and feel of the shop.
Thanks a million Becky, we loved you and your candy banquet!

Also on hand to provide creative fun on the evening was one of our very own makers, Anna Butler of
Oxford based Custom Made (check out her website here)

Anna designs and makes awesomely cute jewellery, textiles and accessories, some of which can be bought on our online shop.

Anna ran a workshop showing everyone how to make personalised speech bubble badges - this was a definite hit with everyone that took part (Anna has posted some photos of great examples of badge making genius here on her lovely blog)

Thanks a million to Anna too for being an all round star and getting everyone doing a bit of making on the night.

A great time was had by all so another 'thanks a million' to everyone that turned up and made the night so fun and successful.

Oh...and don't forget to keep checking our online shop for new things - we'll be slowly but surely adding stuff on the run up until Christmas.

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