Thursday, 18 April 2013

Want to get your mitts on our window?

We are offering artists/designers/makers/creatives an exciting opportunity to do a window display for us.

What do we want from you? 

  • The window will need to be eye catching and imaginative, but still allow the products to stand out.
  • There are quite a large range of products to display including prints, magazines and artists books, cards, bags, cushions, Jewellery and ceramics so it would be worth considering how small and large items can be displayed.
  • The windows are viewable from the side as you enter the shop, as well as from the outside, considering both view points can be more interesting for the viewer.
  • It’s also good to think about the whole space and how this can be used – the glass as a foreground, the wall as background as well as how the central space is filled.


  • The floor and walls can be covered/painted if need be.
  • Items can be attached to the back wall and light items can be hung from the ceiling.
  • There is one main spotlight from above but additional lighting can be added.
  • There is one double extension lead currently fitted into the window if any power is needed.

What do we offer in return?

Sadly as we're a charity on a shoestring budget we can't pay you big bucks BUT you will get a £30 budget for materials, a fantastic opportunity to show off your work for a whole month and when you install your window we will keep the tea and biscuits flowing (can biscuits flow?)

Want to know what the space is like? 

Then have a little peek here at some of our previous window displays.

Reckon you'd make our window look amazing? 

Then drop us an email and spill your ideas.

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