Thursday, 28 February 2013

New artists for (only just) February...

First up we have some awesome A4 digital prints by Birmingham based illustrator and self-professed Visual Tinkerer Simon Peplow. (2 of which are pictured below)
Simon says of his work: "I still try to remain within a delicately constructed vortex. Spending the majority of my days downloading information from a tiny cabin situated inside the Corpus Callosum region of my noggin. Characters are a fundamental part of my work, described by some as whimsical, cute and sinister in equal measures. I just wish they were my chums."

Next up is Exeter Photographer Rob Darch who has produced a series of 4 wonderful cards.

Rob says of his work: "Aesthetically my photography work falls within the contemporary documentary practice, although the themes behind the work are usually more poetic and conceptual in their nature.
Creatively I am fascinated by the minutia of everyday life and achieving a sense of place."

Simon and Rob are both members of The Outcrowd Collective, a shambolic visual collection of hoodlums and battered psyches, born out of a basic obsession to create. Not to be trusted with pen, paper or any other medium that can leave a mark. Initially formed amongst a group of friends, skateboarders, Illustrators, Designers, Image-Makers and Lurkers.

Come in and have a gander!

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