Saturday, 28 July 2012

Exhibition coming soon ~ Rachael Edgar

Some of you clued up Oxonians will have heard of Rachael Edgar print maker, those of you who haven't where have you been living? In a cockerels boot? (One for all you Boosh fans)

Well to just label Rachael as just a print maker is to use faint praise indeed. Although using etching as a preferred method, Rachael does also incorporate other media too which gives her work extra depths bringing her prints to life. I guess what I'm saying is they're good stuff!

From the 7th - 29th August we will be lucky enough to have some of Rachaels new work in a mini exhibition in our shop, a micro pop up show if you like! So get the date in your diary and pop in and have a good look.....with your eyes.

***Visit Rachaels website HERE***
***Rachaels Facebook Page***

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