Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Looky Looky New Things

Everyday is like Christmas here! Lovely new things arriving for our awesome shop! I'm guessing you've already been in to visit us if so you will have collected your free smile, oh yes we dish out smiles like they're going out of fashion here, however if not then do come and give us a visit claim your smile and see some of our lovely new bits 'n' bobs.

Today the latest issues of CRAFTS magazine has arrived and its a belting good issue worth putting your readers on for, also the March copy of The Arts Newspaper is here and it's got a spiffing picture of Prince Charles pointing at a Turkish artefact's, now it that's not worth a visit to see then what is.

Now I'm not gonna write down everything new we've got in the shop but I've got to tell you about the amazing Lovely Pigeon cut out circus that's arrived, perfect for kids and for adults who have an overwhelming interest in showing off their scissor skills....

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